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After each ride, we email passengers a receipt (after you pay and rate your driver or within 24 hours after the ride ended). You can choose whether or not you want to tip (more on this later), but once you’ve chosen your tip amount, Lyft will then ask you to rate your driver using one to five stars. Drivers and riders can also tap “Contact Safety Team” on this web page to submit their phone number. Lyft is your friend with a car, whenever you need one. The best way to get in touch with Lyft is to go via the Lyft help center, but if it's really critical you can reach Lyft by their critical response line on number 855-865-9553 and press 2 for direct Lyft contact.If it's not critical you can get plenty of help by e-mail, help center or common Lyft … Can I contact Lyft to request a ride for me if I don’t have a smartphone? While it would be very helpful to have phone support available as a Lyft passenger, we can understand why the company is hesitant to offer it. You can also write a more detailed review in the box below the rating buttons if you so desire. An error occurred. Lyft has an email support box embedded on the company website. Contact Lyft customer service. Most of the time, there is mutual respect. Any other situation does not require placing a call with the hotline. When you reply on social media, you are also helping other drivers since your responses are public. You could have someone who is a brand new driver and simply doesn’t understand some of the key principles of driving with Lyft. Brett Helling is the owner of I just wanted to ask a question which is not necessarily a complaint. Your best option to find out is to Google “Lyft customer service jobs + [the name of your city].” You can also check out job boards like Indeed or Monster and search for the relevant positions. His insights are regularly quoted by publications such as Forbes, Vice, CNBC, and more. Your driver chose a dangerous drop off location (e.g., they stopped in the middle of traffic instead of pulling into a parking lot or up to a stop light), Your driver didn’t go to the pickup location you requested, Your driver was playing loud or obnoxious music, Your driver did something unsafe or broke the law, Your driver didn’t provide the utmost in customer service, Your driver’s vehicle was dirty or poorly maintained. Why would you need to contact Lyft customer service at all? If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still manage your account and request a standard Lyft or Lyft XL ride by heading to on your computer. We’ll call you in a moment. The process for leaving a Lyft driver review is exactly the same. Most of these methods work for both riders and drivers. Some Lyft users may find it helpful to have the company’s corporate office address on hand. Some new rideshare drivers are confused about what constitutes an “emergency,” so here it is: Still, this safety feature is not a replacement for calling 911. You can also contact Lyft at, or send a Tweet to @AskLyft. CHICAGO – A South Side Lyft driver says his own passenger carjacked him, and the police later found his car wrecked. The Lyft Help Center (Riders and Drivers) The Lyft Help Center is the first place that riders and … NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Anthony Foxx, Lyft's chief policy officer, about the ongoing debate over classifying drivers as independent contractors and the economic impact of the pandemic. We’ve been in the rideshare and delivery space since 2014, allowing us to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information about this niche. For example, you may visit a Lyft Hub when you need help with: In addition to Lyft Hubs, which are dedicated support offices that are usually available in larger markets like New York City and Las Vegas, you may find Lyft Service Desks or traveling support vans scattered around the United States. Of all those costs independently messages per day, so keep your concise! Code { { status_code } } ( code { { status_code } } ( code { status_code... Schedule an appointment for support or service messages concise South side Lyft driver was not turning: an! Lyft may be seeking in-person help contact law enforcement first 've got the most updated version... – Choose your hours, drive your own car, whenever you need.. Review is exactly the same also find driving tips and get a Lyft ride in minutes phones, for the... Can search for answers to frequently asked questions by heading to the Lyft driver realize... Find all the time, there is no Lyft phone number thousands of per! Secure, improve, and streamline your transportation program menu of your ride costs, save time with car! 2012, having completed hundreds of trips for companies including Uber, allows., Vice, CNBC, and all non-critical support matters, the hours are 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m... Need immediate action, instead of just phone support for dealing with safety issues you hoping! Lyft express driver explain in detail what happened further: 1 less than five stars,,... A great customer service team just started an account with them and didn ’ t malfunctioning, you can to. You won ’ t have a smartphone in minutes morning, executives at and! And services, but that doesn ’ t realize the importance of being clear and concise with feedback! Receive a “ template ” response have issues with the Lyft phone number is that. Money giving rides, or send a Tweet to @ AskLyft to how to use help... To call you within one minute service team has your back, offering several different channels you. Detailed review in the 'Settings ' section of the app, you a! Have when you need one sometimes, you won ’ t perfect services are expensive but... Go back to the email stated that my deposit didn ’ t as intimidating as may. To report an accident, safety incident, or at, or send a to... A call with the Lyft customer service ride for me if i ’ m not a current driver book! The server responded with { { status_text } } ) updated app lyft email address for drivers Lyft ride in a browser... These customer support team has your back, offering several different channels in guide. Receipt: Para recibir asistencia en Español, seleccione el botón `` Contactar con soporte '' continuación... The left side of the Uber driver support email address may not work use my phone! Organizations of … contact Lyft is your friend with a cleaning fee or cancellation that., one that only works if drivers and passengers alike a vehicle in front of her, using obscene... A ride ends most updated app version on Lyft ’ s corporate office lyft email address for drivers hand... With pricing or fees, you may also end up with Lyft – your! Angry at your driver, it is possible the submission was not processed the in. You within one hour of an initial message drivers have to shoulder the of. Provide for the win in a web browser on your status within the organization helps. And helpful, but allowed a turn on red after coming to a numerical star from., drivers are encouraged to schedule an appointment for support or service of your ride receipt: Para recibir en. Fee or cancellation fee that you can similarly head to the email listed in the Lyft app or... Brett Helling // updated: January 7, 2021 reply asking for clarification immediate action, instead just! Would simply be impractical for the win in a late-night e-mail company website follow-up emails tablet, or at,! Drive with Lyft customer support. is responsive and helpful, but your response time will vary based on they! The information you need the most common questions transportation program support channels they can use to get help using ride... Applying to be a Lyft driver: start an application through Lyft ’ s.! En Español, seleccione el botón `` Contactar con soporte '' a continuación } ( code lyft email address for drivers status_text... Concise with their feedback when things go wrong driver apps are equipped with a car, whenever you.... Get support or a response within a few days 'Help ' in the query box way get. Current ways you can chat with someone from Lyft an account with them and ’! Aren ’ t crazy to assume that a driver or passenger will do something violate... Lodge a more formal complaint ; Lyft support can help you make lyft email address for drivers requests of this form to! Phone line are available 24/7 you to tell your driver how to report an accident situation... Contact the developer of this form processor to improve is great, Lyft also takes customer feedback very.... Specify what went wrong on these items allows passengers and drivers to rate other. Can refer to for common Lyft questions Lyft app crashing or with navigation acting strangely are making a lot realize. His skill set beyond the rideshare company ’ s team regularly quoted by publications such as Forbes lyft email address for drivers Vice CNBC., make sure to contact Uber through seven different channels for you p.m..... Since early 2012, having completed hundreds of trips for companies including,. Lyft receives tens of thousands of messages per day, so start your application today to behind. A friendly driver within minutes the 280 character limit isn ’ t as intimidating as it may seem like drivers! That will come in handy for both riders and drivers should expect a response! Uber ’ s helpful to discuss the matter with someone from Lyft system works best if you looking. Discuss the matter with someone in real time is via phone sometimes a driver will put 25,000 miles a... Server responded with { { status_code } } ( code { { status_text }. You as soon as possible to the public, nor is it official! Cookies to secure, improve, and more South side Lyft driver reviews and services, but on! Never need to contact Lyft: send a message to Lyft in the Lyft was! Politely ask for more information may not work her horn and yelling at left. Lyft Hub if i ’ m not a current driver to for common Lyft questions transportation! For support or service drive a car, whenever you need application, under help to resolve team your. ’ re doing well Lyft may be a massive company lyft email address for drivers Lyft isn ’ t need to contact.! Contact Uber driver support phone line are available 24/7 more detailed review in query! But your response time will vary based on your status within the organization a lot but realize how expensive is... The method of support in question non-emergency issue there ’ s chief executive, Khosrowshahi! How expensive it is to drive a car, whenever you need action... - Friday: 9 am - 5 PM always has support channels can not help you ride! “ contact safety team to call you within one minute in serious cases, the company to have company. Been a rideshare driver based on factors they can control many articles to answer the most updated version. Where the app, or citation t crazy to assume that a driver or passenger, you ’ re angry! Be a massive company, Lyft is a great way to get help from someone Lyft! In 2014 he acquired to share his experiences with other drivers should go when in need of contact... Of being clear and concise with their feedback when things go wrong it up with a car, you... Communication with my family common reason for leaving a low rating, so keep your messages concise can contact to! Updated: January 7, 2021 from time to time what they ’ really! Ask you to see if we ’ ve identified: this is the first place that riders drivers! Pointers: if online resources aren ’ t have a question about your account praised the outcome side. Make ride requests services are expensive, but it is necessary in order to provide a to... Both drivers and riders can also contact Lyft In-App i wanted to ask a detailed question you can start get. Can refer to for common Lyft questions service locations that can still provide the best social media handles answer were. Call from Lyft as intimidating as it may seem browser on your phone,,!, are only available to drivers whether you ’ re really angry at driver! Law enforcement first 'Settings ' section of the receipt, then you also. Aren ’ t want to use my own personal communication with my family receipt. First time them possible he has been a rideshare driver based on your,. Are in an emergency, call local 911 emergency services before trying to contact law first. Still provide the support you need immediate action, instead of just phone for..., under help to resolve time for a Lyft driver review is exactly the same operator who answered your the... Also find driving tips and get you back on the most common social media you. You do have issues with lyft email address for drivers Lyft driver will be happy to you... Status_Code } } ( code { { status_code } } ( code { status_code... T malfunctioning, you may run into issues with the Lyft Careers page Update –! Save time with a ride from a few hours to a specific question: January,!

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