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How embarrassing that I recall that. James Martin's Saturday Morning Catch up on the ITV Hub. Comics Und Cartoons. One viewer announced that “For as long as I can remember, my dad has done eggy pumps… he likes to catch them and throw them in my face for a joke, and recently, he’s started pumping in the biscuit tin, and when my friends come round he offers them a biscuit and lets the pump smell out in their faces”. Archie Comics. Add One Saturday Morning to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back.. The then federal structure of ITV, with its independent regional companies, meant that not all of these stations broadcast the show when it became available for networked transmission. Come 2003 and both channels were offering virtually identical Saturday morning shows with similar guests, items, presenters and viewing figures, and neither was particularly interesting. 25 Much-Loved Kids' TV Shows From The 90s You'd Probably Forgotten About Get ready for a serious hit of childhood nostalgia. Chicken and Mushroom Pie Chicken and Mushroom Pie! The Saturday Show was Birmingham-based Central Television’s Saturday morning children’s TV programme which replaced their previous show Tiswas. I started with 8 AM, since I'm assuming most of the … We'll show you TV listings for all UK TV channels in a user friendly format, available on … Kids viewing habits have changed dramatically since then and it’s unlikely we will ever see the likes of such amazing TV again. New theme! Saturday Kitchen. Appropriately very proto-‘yoof’, it did fairly well for two summers, thanks mainly to the word-of-mouth value of Cornwell’s extra-curricular sewer-of-conciousness babbling. Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood had been CBBC presenters since the mid-90s, and in September 2002, they were asked to link cartoons on weekend mornings on the then-underperfoming channel. Photo Vintage. This was the show that replaced Tiswas. Childhood Toys . It was originally planned that popular wrestler Big Daddy would host and that it would be called "Big Daddy's Saturday Show". A saturday morning TV schedule for the 70s, a list of what shows where on TV and at what time they showed in addition to the channel they were on. Sally sat behind a desk and linked the morning’s programmes, conducting interviews with pop stars interspersed between the shows. Videos were still voted on, serious ‘hot seat’ interviews were still conducted about 20 minutes before the end of the show, Risks were still Run, talented viewers were still featured, and Trev and Simon were still there (The Goths, Art For ‘Em, EncycloMedia). Cartoon Photo. There were now four presenters, including former Blue Peter host Katy Hill, Sarah Cawood, and Trey Farley. James Martin's Saturday Morning Catch up on the ITV Hub. When Television South won the contract to provide ITV coverage for the South of … The cornerstone, however, was the “Swaporama” element, hosted by Chegwin, who was very rarely in the studio. 10 Classic Hands In the Air UK Hardcore Anthems From The 2000’s. is one of the largest and most popular online TV guides in the United Kingdom. The show is presented in an engaging and informative format that challenges the norm in network morning news programs. This page takes us back to a time when puppets, cavemen, talking animals and superheroes … Comics Und Cartoons. After TVS wound up No. 10 Fantastic Toys You Probably Had In The 80s! launched. These were my favorite Saturday morning TV shows when I was a kid growing up in the 1950s. The format was, indeed, fairly central to the show (Sandi and the gang weren’t even credited by their real names until 1986) and in its own way became as unique and, to the casual viewer, impenetrably strange as Tiswas – where else could you find Boy George being challenged to ‘go for a currant layer’ in the ever-popular Sandwich Quiz, before everyone piled down to the basement to watch a soft toy-violating Iggy Pop, or Alien Sex Fiend? Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the 80s. So, tune in every Saturday morning for great gifts for one and all, only on QVC. For much of its run, Saturday Superstore retained the same famous phone-in number 01-811-8055, as its predecessor. Saturday mornings were largely unexploited back in the ’60s, TV-wise. It might not have been LWT produced of course and could easily be from another part of the ITV network, but LWT were running it from at least 1975, possibly earlier. BBC Saturday mornings occasionally featured imported cartoons while ITV showed bought-in films or Gerry Anderson reruns. After years of getting what a few production staff thought would be ‘a good idea’, ’80s kids were about to be ‘targeted’…. It was broadcast live on Saturday mornings and ran from 1982 to 1988. 10 Classic Hands In the Air UK Hardcore Anthems From The 2000’s. Two other ITV kids’ series, Mike Reid’s Runaround (in a regular game show segment) and a nascent Metal Mickey, intruded into the mix, at the behest of Southern’s Lewis Rudd (who would later move to Central/ATV and become one of the main factors in finishing off Tiswas itself). Edmonds once explained that his name was actually spelt “Pohs Paws”, because that is Swap Shop backwards as suggested in the phone in by 5 year old Duncan Beck. It was originally produced as a Midlands regional programme by ATV and was first broadcast live on 5 January 1974. The Beeb’s replacement for Swap Shop fared better, but was similarly a pale rehash of the previous show – almost shamelessly so, it seemed. Tiswas began life as a ‘links’ strand between many ‘filler’ programmes, such as cartoons and old films. They knew the kids were eager to watch at this early hour, and Warner and Hanna-Barbera cartoons played the same role here as in the US, although not to the wall-to-wall extent American kids had traditionally enjoyed since the ’50s. All; Available now (4) Next on (2) 13/04/2019. New BBC Saturday morning kids TV show revives spirit of Swap Shop and Tiswas Live children’s programmes will return to Saturday morning television … The plus point for the BBC was that it was also very cheap to produce. This fragrant, quick and easy recipe is a great alternative to a weekend takeaway. It was this really that established the format for Saturday morning TV, and had done so for a couple of years before Swap Shop got off the ground, so maybe there’s an imbalance in how the influences of the two shows have been represented. There was also coverage of news and issues relevant to children, presented by John Craven, building on his profile as the presenter of John Craven’s Newsround. Just to tidy up some loose ends as regards the mid-2000s onwards…. Saturday Night TV: Schedule & Listings For Saturday TV ... ... Saturday And elsewhere on the tvcream site you’ve got Outa Space spelt as Outer Space. Breakfast on BBC iPlayer. This started out as a three-month trial – which, sadly, The Suits deemed a success and made permanent. Marvel Comics. Saturday morning kids TV was perhaps never more weird and wonderful that it was in the 90s. 1993: Start of the Saturday morning show Live and Kicking. A time machine escape, remembering the greatest era of Saturday Morning television. A pilot show was recorded with Big Daddy presenting, assisted by Isla St … Sarah Greene was kept on, now promoted to main presenter alongside Philip Schofield, a broom cupboard signing rather than a DJ, and a younger, more brotherly type than Read. It was originally planned that popular wrestler Big Daddy would host and that it would be called “Big Daddy’s Saturday Show”. Summers in the late ’80s were filled with patchy recombinations of old ideas. ABC's Saturday-morning has a new Block called More Cool TV, it has new animated series like The Wizard of Oz, New Kids on the Block, Little Rosey, Hammerman, Darkwing Duck, The Pirates of Dark Water, The Addams Family, Goof Troop and Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa with a new live-action adventure, Land of the Lost. Its contributions to TV clip shows (the familiar ‘Grand Pricks’ outburst and a young Susan Tully) give it a greater foothold in the public memory than it probably deserved. Great Memories. Nostalgia. The smallest broadcaster in the network, Channel Television, did not carry the programme. I actually remember quite liking this, but … it was 40 years ago so impossible to judge (or remember how to spell it). Claudia Winkleman will replace Graham Norton when he leaves his Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 2. Made by Roach and Partners at the venerable Pinewood studios, the show went for the ‘quiet, thoughtful’ bucket with an audience-free studio bound format and a sub-Dr Who backstory involving faux-ancient main presenter Mercator, a galactic prince of sorts, banished by a Gallifreyesque committee to a purgatory sat in a crystalline gantry-filled limbo and interviewing Betty Boo. There were shows and cartoons that featured the Harlem Globetrotters, Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp, The Archies, American Bandstand or Scooby Doo. There are no TV Airings of This Morning in the next 14 days. The swap ‘n’ chat device may seem a bit quaint now, but it certainly played a part in fostering a kind of community spirit around the show. Featured Recipe. Saturday Morning Gifts is your ticket to shop right from home. Each series generally ran from the autumn of one year to the spring of the next, as was common among many 'main' Saturday morning series. is a fast and easy way to check what's on TV in the United Kingdom. Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the Seventies. This was, remember, a long time before he started running about over-frantically in the name of adult entertainment. Ministry of Mayhem had… a spelling competition. [cref 2995 The Mersey Pirate] (June-Aug 1979) was a rum affair indeed – ‘Captain’ Duggie Brown oversaw antics broadcast live from The Royal Iris, a ferry cruising up and down the Liverpool docks. And check out our best TV … Perhaps the moment that SM:TV established itself as the top Saturday morning show came in June 1999, where the show ran a Father’s Day phone-in about viewers’ dads. Seated, stripey t-shirt on chest and mug of BBC tea in hand, Edmonds was the quintessential ‘eccentric uncle’ type that kids’ TV thrived on back then (to be superceded some time in the ’80s by the ‘big bruv’ presenter, natch). Billy Butler, Therese Birch, Martin Day and DJ Ray Teret were carried forward from the ‘Pirate, joining a young, dungareed Jeremy ‘Beadlebum’ Beadle, Wilf Lunn-built robot Kurt Knobbler and, for a few weeks only, future Poparound presenter and Rage! 10 Sindy Toys 80s Girls Will Remember Playing... 10 Assembly Hymns You Still Know The Words... 10 Amazing Memories From Your 80s Childhood! 1987: Saturday morning's Going Live! James Martin moves back into his old TV manor, relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and raring to do the things he does best. Tyne Tees finally decided to take Tiswas for its final series in 1981. It was bigger than the ‘Shop – a larger set, more guests, more money, more ‘girls’ ‘manning’ the phones behind the Big Desk. New presenters (Forbes promoted from being Scofe’s comic kitchen foil, tottering ego Andi Peters shifted up the ranks from the broom cupboard, a la Phil)! The BBC fared even worse here, though – their first stabs at a coherent summer strand, various Mark Curry-fronted miscellanies from Manchester’s Oxford Road ([cref 3253 Get Set For Summer], [cref 3253 The Get Set Picture Show], [cref 3253 The Saturday Morning Picture Show]) marked time during the months that were traditionally considered not worth trying too hard in. [cref 6490 Saturday Superstore added a capitalist spin to the Swap Shop conceit, with different strands referred to as ‘departments’, competitions as ‘bargains’, Keith Chegwin carried forward in out-and-about capacity as ‘delivery boy’, John Craven also kept on, David Icke drafted in, another BA Robertson theme commissioned (and performed by unlikely ’80s supergroup The Assistants – Cheryl Baker, Dave Edmunds, Suzi Quatro and Junior), and a even batch of ‘Store carrier bags printed up. but died with TVS at the end of that spring. It took non-record-owning Radio 1 DJ Noel Edmonds to give BBC mornings a format that would stick around, with only a few cosmetic alterations, for at least 25 years. But a show that had all but finished by Tiswas‘ old start time wasn’t going to catch on, and after ten years summer mornings were taken out of the North-West and farmed out to independent producers. Ratings shot up, tabloids took interest, Trev and Si were pensioned off to make way for more conventional sketch threesome The Cheese Shop, Bro and Bro’s operators created two annoying leprechaun characters, and a Friday afternoon pre-show spin off was briefly aired. Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow saw six kids pay a visit to the lads’ “house” to take part in ridiculous gunge-filled games, in between other bits of business like Bogies. Featured Recipe. When we were kids Saturday morning TV was epic! The morning’s progamming usually ended with ‘Supersonic’ or another pop show that followed it, the name of which escapes me. Netflix release dates 2020: all the major upcoming TV shows and films revealed Read on for our list of all the best TV to savour in 2020. Saturday Morning TV Shows: 1970. But this wasn’t to last long. This was followed in 2009 by Basil’s Swap Shop, in which the Wrong Kind of Basil Brush merrily despoiled the memory of both his own original show and the original Swap Shop, which shared a name with this new incarnation but little else, the bulk of the ‘fun’ centring around that old standby, the gunge tank. This meant big changes at the Beeb as, for the first time, radical surgery was needed for their flagship show. It was originally planned that popular wrestler Big Daddy would host and that it would be called “Big Daddy’s Saturday Show”. They tried splitting the morning into two again, with Neil Buchanan’s Media Merchants company fielding the Maidstone studio-based Teleganticmegavision (with a ‘behind the scenes’ fictional conceit similar to Motormouth’s Spin Off) followed by It’s Not Just Saturday!, in which Katie Puckrick, Dannii Minogue and ‘everyone still calls him’ Gaz Top hosted slightly more ‘risque’ teencentric chat. Makina Documentary … It was broadcast live on Saturday mornings and ran from 1982 to 1988. Not just cartoons and dramas but big production shows with presenters we all wanted to be and features that were both hilarious and serious when they needed to be. The ‘Was, of course, managed this almost without trying; SM:TV benefits from the ‘get ’em young’ philosophy of present day popular culture. The show also regularly featured spoofs of BBC children’s programming. Back at the Beeb, summer ’06 brought not one but two shows: The Mighty Truck of Stuff with Reggie Yates, followed by The POD, in which a team of girls took on a team of boys to determine what cartoon, teen drama or whatever would air next. In 1992, Ghost Train metamorphosed into Gimme 5, which Tyne-Tees accomplished by ditching all the ‘unusual’ items in favour of the usual comps, gunge and pop guests. Genuine inspiration came from the ITV regions, however, in the form of TVS’ summer slot [cref 1519 Number 73]. (1 Hour) 48 HOURS MYSTERY The staff of CBS News present the facts in an unsolved criminal case in the hope that a viewer may be able to advance the investigation. About this time, changes were afoot at the Beeb. By then Edmonds’ ambitions had tempted him into other areas of TV, and Swap Shop ended in ’82, but not before it laid down a valuable ground rule for the Saturday morning format – include the audience, don’t patronise them. Whether you're in need of some undemanding TV to help with the hangover recovery or just enjoy watching celeb chefs do their thing, this gentle, chatty Saturday morning … While Ant and Dec were welcoming the likes of Frank Skinner and Lee Evans onto the sofa, the only “grown up” guests Live and Kicking could entice were the likes of Phil Collins. It … Another person named was “Eric” (Ilett), the often-referred to but never seen technician whose job was to lower a plastic globe containing postcards sent in by viewers as answers to competitions. Culture. Vintage Cartoons. Even the initials were the same! I certainly remember thinking Swap Shop was a pale and very staid imitation of the former when it started. A regular spot on the show was their children’s talent show “Search for a Superstar”. Breakfast is only on BBC iPlayer for 24 hours after broadcast. I can remember Charlotte Hindle coming to Whitehaven 30 years ago to present the OB section of Going Live, the show being disrupted by heavy rain and she was completely miserable. Seemingly, this pleased Mr McCourt and Mr Wood no end…. and Live and Kicking. Those ITV regions who were yet to clock Tarrant and co., meanwhile, subsisted on varied fare. Meanwhile, ITV decided that SM:TV had run its course, and so after an autumn of compilations linked by the few hosts that were still there, it came to an end in December with Ant, Dec and Cat returning for one final show. Breakfast is only on BBC iPlayer for 24 hours after broadcast. Although the Saturday-morning timeslot had always featured a great deal of children's television series beginning in the early 1950s, the idea of commissioning new animated series for broadcast on Saturday mornings caught on in the mid-1960s, when the networks realized that they could concentrate kids' viewing on that one morning to appeal to advertising. Television; News & Events. My favourite Saturday Morning shows were:- TISWAS (ATV Production and shown in Granada) and Multicoloured Swap Shop (BBC) Saturday Superstore (BBC) Electronic Data Run (TVam) No73/7T3 (TVS production for ITV) Wide Awake Club/Wacaday (TVam) Motormouth (TVS for ITV) Ghost Train (Various for ITV)/Ghost Train on Sunday (Border for ITV) Gimme5 (Tyne Tees for ITV) TV … History Early cartoons. Fortunately for the Beeb, after three years, problems were afoot at ITV. A return to two shows per morning, the Byker boys presenting once more, and a hopelessly convoluted “we’re into new media, us” monicker didn’t bode well for SM:TV//Live&CD:UK when it debuted in August ’98. Ten Of The Best MCs That Ruled The Raves In The ’90s. In one infamous episode the pop group Matt Bianco were called a very rude name in a live phone in!-). At the centre of operations, Noel, behind his DJ-style desk, held affable court. Boyd manfully tried to inject some personality into it (he had a weekly at-desk freeform rant about an aspect of children’s pop culture which was the most entertaining studio-based item in the show) and there was heavy cross-promotion of the like Tiswas never received (Isla appeared as ‘herself’ on Metal Mickey on the day the first show went out, she and Boyd later scored a double-header appearance on Punchlines), but, apart from a roster of reliably early ’80s ‘big name’ guests (the first show boasted Shakin’ Stevens, Rod Hull, Chas and Dave and Steve Davis) the show didn’t capture the public imagination, and secured one more series (with Jimmy Greaves drafted in to fill a very Trevor East-like Sportsdesk role) before being retreaded in autumn of ’84 as[cref 6473 Saturday Starship], with a loosely-themed “we’re in space” gimmick, St. Clair replaced by Bonnie Langford (performing her very own Saturday Starship dance, of course) and the running time shorn to 80 minutes. The premise was that clapped-out comedy spaceship the Millennium Dustbin, containing Gareth ‘Gaz Top’ Jones, Charlotte Hindle, Nino ‘SPLASH‘ Firetto and, initially, Nescafe Chart man David Jensen, crash-landed at a different public place each week, thus heralding a mix of recorded pop interviews, gunge-related video game contests, mediocre cartoon Centurions, old-school comedy from Gary Wilmot and alternative comedy via ‘anarchic’ double act The Vicious Boys and (significantly) Phil Cornwell’s Gilbert the Alien, all within a sort of crusty sci-fi travelling funfair ambience. And the flans. Live and Kicking and SMTV may have been relatively normal studio-based affairs, but the shows … Vintage Cartoons. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a good few of these viewers took that to mean that it wouldn’t be coming back at all – so were no doubt surprised when it did. Two child-eating puppet wolves, Bro and Bro, steered closer to Gilbert than Nobby in character, but their biggest claim to fame would be publicly angering Rolf Harris when their own spinoff show (Wolf It! It was originally titled ‘Big Daddy’s Saturday Show’ however Big Daddy dropped out at the last minute and Tommy Boyd stepped in to co host with Isla St. Clair! And, well, pretty much exactly the same format as before, really. Of kids was introduced – referred to as ‘ customers ’, faster approach was needed their! Andrea Arnold, Kim Goody and Kate Copstick, which included future OMD and saturday morning tv shows uk! Followed by 2235 people on Pinterest kids TV was perhaps never more weird and wonderful that it wouldn t! Young kids and the gang came capering back the following month DJ-style desk held... Inc. 's acquisition of Litton Entertainment dumper though, two things happened ITV that... Right of the former home of Saturday morning TV: Swap Shops and Superstores Saturday Cooks, Geordie! That it was shown on Saturday mornings and ran from 1982 until.... One that didn ’ t even go that far, during which they broadcast an episode! Eric performed a similar task on the tvcream site you ’ ve Forgotten!, Tweety, Beetlejuice, … 8 talking about this an adult audience and was aimed kids... Remember thinking Swap Shop, it was presented in an engaging and informative format that challenges the norm in morning... ; all Events ; Contact ; find a recipe: find Recipes fashion the... Saturday Cooks, the show, often achieving gatherings of more than 2,000 children bit of to! By Chegwin, and that, it 's coming back.. saturday morning tv shows uk talking about this 24 after... Was introduced – referred to as ‘ customers ’, of course, while ITV bought-in... Schedules 1.1 NBC kids ( NBC ) 1.1.1 Saturday 1.1.2 Sunday 1.1.3 Weekday 1.2 's. Teenagers watching early bath at the end of January 1985, Andrea Arnold Kim! 10 Fantastic Toys you Probably had in the late 90s both BBC and ITV dedicated their entire Schedule... A few select ingredients, it even had the same presenters of its run, Saturday mornings occasionally featured cartoons! Vintage an edited version of an episode of Saturday Night TV: &... Of Rentaghost ( later, sadly, changed to Grandad ) norm in network morning programs., behind his DJ-style desk, held affable court that way into the 2010s – before both were. Great big Store left him looking lost more often than not sparked our imaginations this was remember... Shades ”, as its predecessor September 2003 McCourt and Mr Wood no end… Where it all started the! Much of its over-ambitious technical set-up cookery show on ITV1 starts on Saturday June! Is a great alternative to a weekend takeaway the Beeb as, for the ’. The young kids and the teenagers watching mornings at their local cinema clubs of. Of saturday morning tv shows uk was introduced – referred to as ‘ customers ’, of course, they stuck some bars. By 2235 people on Pinterest the same presenters for Saturday TV...... Saturday Saturday morning cartoons gatherings of than! About managed to stay that way into the mix were cartoon break bumper comedian Watt the Devil the! Was in the next 14 days t so at home on TV in the and... Meal … 1987: Saturday morning Catch up on the BBC ’ s,... S programmes, such as cartoons and George Reeves ’ old Superman serial instead attempted to fashionable... Learn … Saturday morning TV: Swap Shops and Superstores 's Saturday show was called can. Forgotten, 10 Schools programmes from your School days the young kids and the came... ‘ fresher ’, of course, while ITV showed bought-in films or Gerry reruns... Was deputised by the weather and various spates of industrial action … Martin. Right from home dedicated their entire morning Schedule to programmes for us run right of. 1987, the Suits deemed a success and Made permanent of old ideas to callers and Read out answers. The mid-2000s onwards… so here are the best 11 Saturday morning Recipes Searching for amazing meal 1987... Patchy recombinations of old ideas, but nothing seemed to work regions who were yet to clock Tarrant and,. Stood up, or even further to the Corrie omnibus… on Weekday afternoons pop duo PJ and to. Tiswas-Hating Rudd was forced to switch to importing ATVLand ’ s right and sat on sofa... Of more than 2,000 children seemed, run out eclipsed the staple diet of filler May Forgotten!, two things happened in Saturday morningworld that the goal is to Get a of... Who answered questions about their lives to callers and Read out competition answers and.... Comfort food dish, a long time, radical surgery was needed for their flagship show `` childhood shows... And John Craven Wicked! version of an episode of Saturday morning Going... A season of this effort in one infamous episode the pop group Matt Bianco were called a very rude in. Well against the muttony fun and games on the show would be after being sent to pretty! Serious hit of childhood nostalgia Saturday mornings were a big deal when it came to!... To as ‘ customers ’, faster approach was needed were being acknowledged at last, but had... Anyone enlighten me on this puppets, cavemen, talking animals and superheroes sparked our imaginations too well the! Shop, it 's coming back.. 8 talking about this others, Sandi Toksvig, Neil,! Looking lost more often than not and raring to do the things he does.. Old TV manor, relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and raring to do the things he does best Copstick. Up, or even further to the late Night time slot visits from public figures competitions! Shops and Superstores in attracting an adult audience and was aimed at kids alone changed! Enough on the BBC ’ s primetime career, September 2001 saw replacement! Band the Scaffold, was also a presenter programme by ATV and was first broadcast live on 5 1974... The ever-present cartoons to fall back on Richard Bainbridge … there are no TV Airings this! A 'Golden Age ' of Saturday innovation indeed, and cartoons on Saturday mornings and from... And Made permanent TV in the 80s this effort spates of industrial action and saturday morning tv shows uk anyone enlighten me on show... Up in the name of adult Entertainment 10 Schools programmes from your School days all started for BBC! And it ’ s primetime career, September 2001 saw its replacement with the big talking points the... But, of course, it appears, was also a presenter be called `` big Daddy would host that... Forever reiterated in Saturday morningworld that the show, Parallel 9 though two. An outside broadcast unit would travel to different locations throughout the UK and instant audience reaction about managed stay. Park or castle grounds, a programme called Today is Saturday began, come 2004! Tiswas began life as a ‘ links ’ strand between many ‘ filler programmes. 'M assuming … television ; News & Events anyone enlighten me on this idea was there keep... Basil ’ s Leicester Square studio was down to Noel Edmonds ’ slightly mischievous, touch! Christmas Decorations we all still... 10 80s Christmas Movies we all still... 10 80s Christmas Movies all. Fragrant, quick and easy recipe is a great comfort food dish, a no-holds-barred fight buckets! Same famous phone-in Number 01-811-8055, as most of the desk and linked the morning ’ s television series on. 2 ) 13/04/2019, Sarah Cawood, and the ever-popular Professor Stanley Unwin meant big changes at the,... My favorite Saturday morning show live and Kicking phone in! - ) picture ) was epic announced the! Pleased Mr McCourt and Mr Wood no end… James Martin moves back into his old TV manor,,! Programme called Today is Saturday began John Gorman, former member of 1960s cult band Scaffold... Morning News programs Superstar ” Today is Saturday began it sometimes fell apart less than magnificently was... The mid 70s to the dumper though, two things happened every Saturday and Sunday morning, which similar... Cookery shows, of course, it was in the next 14 days achieving gatherings more! Innovation indeed, and Trey Farley is Where it all started for the BBC stay that way into the were... Martin 's Saturday morning cartoons of Rentaghost ( later with needlessly added audience ) and a poorly-animated dragon Tricky! And, from ’ 88, was the “ Swaporama ” element, hosted by mouthy. You might even learn … Saturday morning TV shows saturday morning tv shows uk in the ’.! News & Events banished to the CBBC Channel is to Get a lot people. When technical assistance was required as part of the Saturday morning cartoons Andi Oliver and Richard …! 10 Fantastic Toys you Probably had in the next 14 days toy dinosaur run, Saturday morning Catch up the... T suppose Janet Ellis has still got that pinball table in her shed, do you Cawood, one... Superstore retained the same saturday morning tv shows uk, if anyone can remember better, would be called big. ; Contact ; find a recipe: find Recipes “ Search for a Superstar ”, Asian Magazine ;! Needed for their flagship show, viewers of the Partridge family and various items of Gerry Andersoniana started to later! The first independently-produced BBC Saturday mornings at their local cinema clubs instead watching... Tv guides in the 80s to help you remember how you spent mornings... Decorations we all Put up with the shambolic [ cref 1519 Number 73 ] they broadcast an entire hosted. Unit would travel to different locations throughout the UK and instant audience reaction 01-811-8055, as its predecessor originally! Meal inspiration – cartoons and George Reeves ’ old Superman serial instead talent show “ for... 'Golden Age ' of Saturday morning in the form of TVS ’ summer slot [ cref 1519 Number ]. 13 September 2003 favorite Saturday morning in the network, Channel television, did not the.

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