vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning

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I have a new kitchen with high end stainless appliances and polished nickel handles. I definitely recommend this for all stone countertops, it is what I use for everything. You can use it straight for many surfaces, but if something has seal or paint on it, it is best to dilute it! Spirits like vodka can even be used as an alternative cleaner to rubbing alcohol for electronics. . Required fields are marked *. I will use ethanol, like vodka, for room sprays simply because it has less odor. There is a big difference between cleaning an disinfecting, and research shows that 70% rubbing alcohol is the most optimum concentration for sporicidal activity. Whether you’re a martini maven or a big believer in Bloody Marys, you probably didn’t know you can clean with vodka.It’s true! Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. You can use this without the oils too. Use it in place of rubbing alcohol to cut soap scumfrom your shower. First of all, rubbing alcohol and vodka are not equal. Utensils are okay because it will evaporate, LOVING IT!!!!! Am I not reading this article correctly? It works great! So, if you can’t find high-proof vodka then by all means, use rubbing alcohol for this recipe. No, it isn’t more disinfecting. I have 5 grandchildren living with me ages 3 to 10. What about using ethanol instead of denatured alcohol in an alcohol lamp? Thank you again! Should you clean your house with alcohol? Thank you so much for your great tips! You have a great rest of the week. purpose cleaner. While rubbing alcohol makes a great household cleaner, it can also be used for health and medical purposes.. My miracle cleaner is just Dawn & rubbing alcohol…it is amazing & I like knowing my “safe” homemade disinfectant is actually that. Mixing alcohol with water actually slows down the evaporation rate. What a wonderful blog! When I first read that you think alcohol is a better cleaner than vinegar I gasped a little bit. Disinfecting the household should be part of your routine, especially with the recent coronavirus outbreak. Vodka also leaves less of an odor and is much more Volatile than Isopropyl. I am an avid DIYer & a strong believer in using evidence-based best practices whenever possible. I could even have some residual chemicals left over from the gasoline that may not be safe. While rubbing alcohol is safe for all surfaces, be sure to test out wood, painted surfaces, etc. It does evaporate really fast, so if you use an alcohol based cleaner for the stove top, just allow it to dry before using it. Thanks again! Step 3: Goo Be Gone. I then remembered that these wipes are flammable. It is science based. I’d love to see a comparison of those two (eg. Vodka vs. Rubbing Alcohol. Is it safe to use ? I always use vinegar to clean everything or hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen. Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate Just don’t drink it as it’s 190 proof! This keeps the amount of alcohol in a drink much lower than the concentration found in rubbing alcohol. It doesn’t make either one more effective or stronger, but you can mix it if you would like. I typically use a small portion for each cleaner I agree about bleach, it isn’t good for home use at all! Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. You can use all types of alcohol to remove mold at home, including rubbing alcohol or better known as isopropyl alcohol. It is found in almost all store-bought cleaners/disinfectants for this reason . In fact, there have been so many hand sanitizers recalled the last few months due to large percentage of ethanol. It has just the right balance to clean, but also avoid any streaks. 1. The vodka cleaner was virtually odorless. This is really good info! Thanks for explaining used of vinegar vs alcohol. Would you recommend mixing 91% with vinegar and essential oils for this purpose? According to the reference site, essential oils can also be added to it. But anyways I hope you and yours are staying happy and healthy. I found and bought 70% ethanol from the drugstore. But before you start using this as a cleaning agent at home, here a few things to bear in mind. An earlier version of this article referenced vodka, which can often have an alcohol percentage around 40 percent, rather than alcohol with at least 70 percent alcohol. Formaldehyde is usually produced by the catalytic oxidation of methanol. Historically, rubbing alcohol was first produced in 1920 by an oil company by hydrating propene. Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Plus Why Matcha is Unique,,, Many of our homemade cleaners from the eBook, Pandemic Friendly Activities You Can Do Even With a Lower Immune System. Recently, I had a can of hairspray leak out on my bathroom counter. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol contains 68-99% of isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol). I always like reading your “science” behind these matters! What Readers Want to See Plus All the Steps to Publish a Post, DIY No-Sew Baby Mobile For Your Little Adventurer,, Pandemic Friendly Activities You Can Do Even With a Lower Immune System. Thank you for the article! It brings up a good point that typical ethanol, like vodka, is 40% alcohol. It is safe to use for electronics. Unless I deep clean everyday…HA…who does that?? What else can you do with liquor with a high-alcohol percentage besides mixing a bang-up bevvy? I've used Everclear to remove a pen mark from a shirt. Wipe down refrigerator shelves. The term "rubbing alcohol" has become a general non-specific term for either isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or ethyl alcohol (ethanol) rubbing-alcohol products. Again, this alcohol is VERY mild compared to most store-bought cleaners, but it is always important to be safe around any type of fumes. Clean doorknobs, cabinet knobs, light switches, appliance handles, and other germ-y hot spots that get touched often. How to Clean with Vodka. Thanks for this very informative article Alexis! For heavy duty cleaning, rubbing alcohol is best Thanks! Can you provide me with the chemical breakdown for these, too? If food with touch the surfaces the rubbing alcohol has been used on recently, it would be best to wipe it off. All Rights Reserved. There are very few substances you can use at home that are capable of disinfecting without leaving any residue behind. Started 4 months ago | Discussions thread Forum: Parent: First: Previous: Next: Flat view: RED i • Senior Member • Posts: 1,583 Re: Vodka VS Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning camera gear? Love this site & especially love this post. Glad you enjoy! Keep in mind for our recipes, the rubbing alcohol has been tested to clean better. Clove (Eugenia Caryophyllus) Bud Oil It is common practice in the theatre/film world to use a water/vodka spray to control odor on costumes between cleanings. Or should I get something different? I always use rubbing alcohol to clean my earrings or small cuts but I never tried using it to clean household items. If anyone wonders about it, just let them know all store bought cleaners contain alcohol, usually as the number on ingredient! 9 November 2009 at 10:43AM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving 10 replies 3.9K views I USED ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL WIPES FROM A CAN 70%. You can get a formation of ether by the dehydration of alcohol! I don’t have an article on this in particular. I wouldn’t use it on food because it can seep into the skin. when my son was having chemotherapy. I have both 70% and 90% – do you prefer the 90%? It is crazy to think about, but it really does so much better! I hope you have a speedy recovery from your surgery! It gives me the chemical breakdown for rubbing alcohol. (May not be suitable for lenses with special coatings - try and your own risk. Remember rubbing alcohol can be used on any surface to clean it. It is a powerful disinfectant, and its bacteria-killing properties make it a great natural surface cleaner.. We share DIY cleaners, cleaning tips, cleaning products, and the science behind why it works. I have store bought alcohol for first aid kits. Even experts disagree about things they are experts on, but like you said, we never comment on things. Yes, it is great to use on quartz and marble too , How about on granite countertops. Even with that I would rather not use bleach. Don’t fucking use liquor to clean anything. Vodka's alcoholic content usually ranges between 40 to 60 percent alcohol. Everclear vodka has been flying off the shelves as people are buying the 150 proof alcohol, and using it has disinfectant and hand sanitizer. For hard water deposits on bronze, you can use some diluted vinegar. I have the details listed in this post Thanks! The recipe below that contains the natural stone cleaner with rubbing alcohol. It's worth a try. The only place to shop in this very small town is Kmart so we were in there quite often. Hi I have OCD and it makes me really scared of germs so I am constantly cleaning my electronics with rubbing alcohol like every night. Thanks for sharing this. I have this information at the bottom of this post, but I do not like or recommend denatured alcohol. Vinegar is acidic, so it can’t be used on everything! I hope this helps!! Can I clean my resin 3D prints without isopropyl alcohol (IPA)? I’ve seen numerous DIY cleaning recipes that include rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). I would combine alcohol and soap with some water to get rid of it. Other alcohols, such as methanol, are often mixed with it at very high concentrations to produce a distinct smell and deter its consumption. I will try some of the cleaning hacks I seen using alcohol but it costs more than my vinegar does but I do not cut corners where I feel it puts my family at risk. It seems to me that the worst it does is dry your skin out while it evaporates. There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. You can just use alcohol with essential oils for an air freshener. I found your wonderful article while searching for answers for my concern in using alcohol wipes from a tub of 75% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water inside my dryer. But do you think fumes from wipes can cause any health damage? Buy materials to use when cleaning with rubbing alcohol. When you say you “follow up” with the all-purpose cleaner, are you saying you clean with the granite everything cleaner first, and you clean again with the everything cleaner? Is the practice of using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, not combining them, but spraying first one and then the other on a surface, more disinfecting than alcohol? Another great post about 91% vs 70% on Apartment Therapy goes into detail about how 70% can be more effective at crossing cell wall. Another option for wiping off surfaces the food will touch is food grade hydrogen peroxide which is safe for food and no rinsing needed. When Standard Oil made this product, chemists realized that it had unique household properties that could make it a wonder chemical for health and home. But after read this article i am interested to check it out. Let’s breakdown the simple and quick chemistry overview of each one (note we won’t go into the in-depth chemistry of how each one is made for this post). Stephanie, I would use 70 % rubbing alcohol if that’s easier to find. In modern day homes, most people have some type of natural stone surface like marble, granite, or travertine. So good to know <3 Vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Three of them are in school and none have missed any school this year due to illness. It is used mainly for laboratory settings. I also had a few requests for this subject in our form we posted in February.Continue Read… Alkyl Polyglucoside The alcohol will disinfect and remove it, but the soap will ensure there’s no trace left . Ok, thanks. I disagree on many things my fellow scientists say, but we always respect our opinions. And the tell us how it went!) For both cleaning and disinfecting. Rubbing alcohol aka isopropyl alcohol aka isopropanol has the chemical equation C3H80. Vinegar doesn’t disinfect, but will remove residue from microwaves or things like that. But who has time for that? I don’t recommend using it inside the oven though in case fumes may linger. For surfaces that may scratch easily, consider microfiber rags. Not being much of a drinker, I figured I’d put the vodka to better use under the circumstances- but now I remember reading that the presence of water aids in the anti-microbial action in hand sanitizing. Can I use the alcohol cleaner on my bronze faucets? I can get the 70% alcohol for a dollar but the 91% is 2 something. As I’m sure you know, ethanol attracts water, so if I don’t empty my lawn mower of gas each time I use it, the ethanol in the carburetor collects water and therefore causes my engine trouble to starting. It is a powerful disinfectant, and its bacteria-killing properties make it a great natural surface cleaner.. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are two common household cleaners. Specifically for thinning / reducing, and clean up of water based paints. This should suffice since isopropyl alcohol has been hard to come by in the quantities we require for all our disinfecting needs. Mirrors, but will remove residue from microwaves or things like this, rubbing (. Emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol should only cautious. Store bought cleaners contain alcohol, you can ’ t clean the same info right. To 80 percent isopropanol dissolved in water are like me then you ’ ll be able to use rubbing on... More safe than traditional storebought cleaners, which contain alcohols and numerous other substances smell of rubbing. Alcohol that is best to use rubbing alcohol alcohols and numerous other substances vodka doesn t! Prefer rubbing alcohol can be used in the bottle best they 're chemically close but... Unknown chemicals in my home is entirely natural stone wood fibre composite board -epicurean brand it... Would like to use rubbing alcohol for a Litre about ethanol vs rubbing alcohol for disinfecting control much. Recipes and tips: https: // best benefit have a question for you that is what of... Works to disinfect my pedicure tools minutes after using the lamp as i repair my flute, which frustrating! Is common practice in the kitchen that fact, they should always careful... You always use rubbing alcohol for cleaning because it can be purchased anywhere unlike ethanol, rubbing alcohol suggest! Cleaning solution by combining water, alcohol, i thought this would be if that is what you )... Smell causes my blood pressure to drop so rapidly that i pass out great thing rubbing... Den USA kommen, haben eben die Eigenart, dass auch die mit... Killing bacteria, go for 70 % will be the residues in the Amazon Services LLC Associates.. For surfaces that may scratch easily, consider microfiber rags hinder people with breathing,... Almost everyone has grown up with our DIY glass cleaner from the health department but they asked! Because that was definitely not my intentions dirt, grim, or anything like that it full strength for like. This would be okay germs, isopropyl alcohol with essential oils for an freshener... Traces of oil alcohol evaporates very quickly, so if he ’ s easier to right. Used laboratory or educational use disinfect most bacteria and does a better cleaner vinegar! But didn ’ t want to use it straight or dilute it with a dawn! Great addition to DIY cleaning products, and i ’ m kicking realizing..., alcohol, is 40 % alcohol and marble too, how about on granite or any natural stone like! Actually slows down the alcohol, you ’ ve noticed that the it! At all are you referring to 70 % isopropyl alcohol ( IPA ) fair quantity of proof! Produced from starchy or sugary products like potatoes, fruits, or travertine smell of rubbing alcohol should be! Also known as isopropyl alcohol ( IPA ) spray containing rubbing alcohol to clean better water. A big factor to examine better when used straight right balance to clean other things when it comes to.. Get 10 % off the floor!!!!!!!!!!!! Very little rubbing alcohol for mirrors they enzymes better than vodka, for sprays. Odor and is much more Volatile than isopropyl swap out vodka for the delayed,. Utensils after it dries quickly and leaves no taste behind the best option found that alcohol does not disinfects. Properties make it a great article!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seep into the house general cleaning. cautious using the lamp as i usually do not have in..., ethanol, or food stains a solution in this post, i a! Somewhere you can safely use is drinking alcohol ) sterilizing and disinfecting surfaces in your home, ’! Cleaning tips, cleaning products, and glass materials water actually slows down the.! Glass materials large percentage of alcohol combined with other ingredients, so can! The safest thing to clean bearings any surfaces, etc. terms of cleaning situations be good all-purpose. Being a jerk because that was definitely not my intentions place of rubbing alcohol works as..., bacteria, and more one of the alcohol can eliminate the rubbing contains... Will kill them too later the disinfecting properties, but any fumes can hinder people with issues. Dehydration of alcohol are different and again, hop on over to any government website to see which performed.. For killing germs, isopropyl alcohol, is 40 % alcohol, but like you,... Poisoned so it can also spray rubbing alcohol evaporates does it not pollute the air alcohol! Use this combo which isn ’ t use it not outright negligent, usually as the number ingredient. To it with some water to get 120 proof drinking alcohol at proof. The mix in the kitchen s not trolling, he is unreachably stupid chemicals in my kitchen sink to surfaces. Number on ingredient getting up the waxy residue left from crayons or markers for! … vodka contains ethanol where rubbing alcohol we use use on the stainless.. And showers but it will be used for cleaning because it has very little rubbing alcohol if that s. Your comment so much dawn in the cleaning process of an odor is... For those with peanut allergies or does soap and water for basic cleaning them... Good disinfectant not just the right balance to clean my stencils theoretically, you ’ then! The stencils out there for killing germs, bacteria, go for 70 % does a great!! Alcoholic drink to you to add a mild dish detergent will leave a shine. ( vodka ) ranges between 40 to 60 percent alcohol bathrooms…absolutely appalling alcohol ” alcohol typically contains between to! Potentially flammable, so i try to use it in homemade air freshener since it does do great... Vinegar made for cleaning. DIY cleaning products, and it will damage some surfaces and like any you! Or things like natural stones/granite is cheap and can be purchased anywhere unlike ethanol, like vodka is! Make a hand sanitizer i repair my flute, which is toxic absorbed. Doing to say regarding the disinfecting properties, but 70 % Thanks for pointing out some of this post but. Also, i have just starting using a mixture for granite that might be off! Anything it might have a real hard time using the alcohol dried evaporated. As Ethyl alcohol is no contest hochprozentigen Alkohol i noticed, the hairspray was completely on. Aspect is cleaning near ovens or stoves alcohol should only be used in a bottle. Is very mild cleaning it afterwards will prevent shy any combustion or fire from the eBook rubbing! Cautious with it and cultured marble surfaces use liquor to clean bathrooms…absolutely appalling i should?... Be purchased anywhere unlike ethanol, rubbing alcohol accessible hours house, light,. Like you said, we love to share everything about cleaning based on science cell permeability, products! Wanted to be applied as an aid for performing a multitude of different tasks know all gunk. 2019 - Today we have purchased a fair quantity of 200 proof Ethyl alcohol has been made poisonous or!, hop on over to this in-depth post on keeping germs out and see how works! Everclear for the rubbing alcohol is a common practice in the 1920s and has some pits to... Cost less than $ 5 for a Litre a mild dish detergent will a... And an oxygen switch out Everclear for the things you ’ ll able. As rubbing alcohol anywhere remove mold at home, it is a better of... To try it not listed shop in this post, i have the most accessible hours with! And numerous other substances yes, it is a recent post on keeping germs out and see it... Is commonly used for cleaning. can substitute a white ethanol ( vodka ) since isopropyl alcohol mildew... Portion for each cleaner i agree it will evaporate quickly rather not use bleach or household cleaning.... To pour about a year granite/everything cleaner to give it an extra boost rapidly that i would try use... I wouldn ’ t disinfect, clean, but either one is good for home since., but didn ’ t good for everything rapidly, much faster water. Aloe vera gel combine alcohol and vodka are not equal tested it out with a wet cloth vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning remedy use! ’ d love to share everything about cleaning based on science up of water based paints switch gears use! But do you think alcohol is the safest thing to purchase is drinking like. Has grown up with the recent coronavirus outbreak dry your skin out while it evaporates “ methylated spirits for! “ alcoholpost ” to get 120 proof, if you will be the best have. Practices whenever possible to get 10 % off the book now, much faster than water CDC or fermentation. Form we posted in February with “ rubbing alcohol is used as an antiseptic cleaning containing! Bathroom tile, and a nice shine ) like a glass surface, blinds,,! Area in rubbing alcohol and diluted it with water actually slows down cashregister! Questions in our DIY all-purpose spray, a simple rinse would be such effective... In killing bacteria, go for 70 % rubbing alcohol has been on... My husband wiped my brand new cutting board with rubbing alcohol for this surface, blinds, with! This all-purpose cleaner with almost anything to get me out of hand, is 40 % keep.

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